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Hiring an Individual VA vs. Hiring a VA Company

As you would already know, virtual assistants are people who work from a remote location and charge only for the work performed by them. They execute a task as per the specified guidelines and meet deadlines.

A Virtual Assistant company, however, comprises a team of virtual assistants who boast expertise in a number of skills and perform a diversified range of tasks.

Benefits of Hiring an Individual Virtual Assistant

Hiring an individual virtual assistant leads to a reduction in costs. This is primarily because VA’s are paid only for the work assigned to them and nothing extra.

The efficiency and productivity of the employer improve with the virtual assistant looking after the routine administrative and operational tasks. The employer utilizes the time spent in doing these tasks by performing core, strategic tasks that drive the business forward.

If the employer feels the need of scaling down operations, they can easily discontinue the work of a virtual assistant and hire them later as and when they feel the need. Their round the clock availability makes them a go-to choice for business owners.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant Company

A virtual assistant company has a team of virtual assistants specializing in different core activities. Employers looking for the completion of a wide variety of tasks can simply hire a VA company. Following this, the company can assign the tasks to an individual member as per the desired skill set.

The biggest benefit of a virtual assistant company is the pool of skills that is available on a single platform. At any time, if an individual VA discontinues work or is unable to complete a task, the company has a huge pool of members to fall back on to ensure no hindrances in your requirement.

Drawbacks of an Individual Virtual Assistant

As is the case with most things, every good thing has a bad side to it as well. The same can be said in regards to hiring individual virtual assistants.

In some cases, the VA may not always resonate with the concepts and beliefs of the employer they are working for. This may lead to some differences between them and discontinuity in work.

Many-a-times communication may lead to misinterpretation between an employer and VA due to the difference in dialect, pronunciation, grammar, etc. Since Virtual Assistants in most cases are from different cities and in some cases different countries, crisp, clear, and comfortable communication can be an issue.

Also, supervising their work and offering real-time updates can be a problem, especially in case of a difference in time zone.

Drawbacks of a VA Company

When hiring the services of a virtual assistant company, the biggest drawback is the cost incurred.

When dealing with a VA company, the expenses are quite high and need to be paid regardless of the fact that the services of any virtual assistant were not taken in that month. Most virtual assistant companies charge a fixed amount for a given period of time, thus thereby pinning the hiring company.

Moreover, assigning the same work to a host of different people can result in inconsistent results in the tasks.

Based on the discussion, we can say that individual virtual assistants might be preferred for sporadic or operational tasks. However, in case of a wide-ranging skill requirement, for a long period of time, a VA company would be a better fit.


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