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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The ongoing unparalleled situation, caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, has made “social distancing” the new normal. Countries all over the world are in lockdown and businesses have closed because of the same.

Small and medium scale businesses and even multinational corporations are introducing contingency plans to survive this jolt.

The stock market is falling and work at restaurants, museums, malls, manufacturing, retailing, and trading is halted. Problems related to expenses and lack of workforce have made businesses look for a possible solution that will help them continue their operations.

The feasible solution for businesses and companies has thus come down to hiring the services of Virtual Assistants.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are people who work remotely and charge for the services provided by them. They perform the task without being physically present in the office.

Since social distancing is the primary precaution to fight the Coronavirus Pandemic, hiring remote workers like virtual assistants seems like the ideal solution.

Tasks That Can be Efficiently Performed by Virtual Assistants

Some of the tasks that can be brilliantly performed by virtual assistants are as follows.

1. Marketing: The marketing aspect of a business can be efficiently handled by a Virtual Assistant to keep the sales going.

2. Data entry: A lot of operational jobs in businesses and offices involve data entry. Since the basic requirement for such a task is a laptop with an internet connection, virtual assistants fit the bill perfectly.

3. Bookkeeping: This is quite a broad term and includes several critical activities such as sales commission, bills payable, accountancy, expense classification, and tax filing.

4. Administrative jobs: Routine tasks such as making presentations and spreadsheets, writing blogs and other related articles, managing inventory, conducting communication between staff members, managing a team, etc are well suited to be performed by a virtual assistant. They can even manage emails and fix meetings.

5. Communication: Any kind of telecommunication task - call support, keeping team members informed, handling critical queries can be easily and efficiently performed by a virtual assistant.

6. Coordinating schedules: Virtual Assistants seem perfect for administrative tasks like managing calendars, giving reminders, and coordinating meetings.

Perks of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Some of the perks related to hiring a Virtual Assistant for your business:

1. Saves money: As Virtual Assistants work remotely and get paid for the work performed, hiring them proves beneficial vis-a-vis a full-time employee who needs to be paid anyways.

2. Work-life balance: With most of the administrative and bookkeeping jobs performed by virtual assistants, the work-life balance gets greatly improved.

3. Flexibility in work: The remote working pattern of Virtual Assistants makes it convenient to hire them when needed and stop their services when the work is delivered.

4. Remote working: The primary benefit of employing a virtual assistant is their remote working style. This encourages no physical contact and the main emphasis of social distancing during the Coronavirus Pandemic is thus maintained.


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