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Top 6 Reasons to Use a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants have proved to be a boon for entrepreneurs, and start-up owners, through their services from a remote location. With the remote working culture getting added attention in recent times, employers from a number of industries are turning towards VAs to fulfill different services.

However, there is a lack of understanding of the reasons for hiring or using a virtual assistant. For most, it is limited to a couple of obvious pointers, but there are a number of top reasons that stress its need. Herein, we list them all:

Reduced Costs

Hiring a VA significantly reduces the overhead costs of a business or company. This is partly because virtual assistants are paid on an hourly basis, based on the work they had completed, instead of having a fixed salary. This also means the costs incurred in providing a laptop, internet connection, and electricity for a full-time employee are saved.

Save Time

The daily operational tasks waste a lot of productive time. Hiring a virtual assistant to perform such mundane, yet important, tasks that include calendar management, email management, travel bookings, booking appointments, etc. leave them with ample time to engage in productive activities.

The time saved can then be used for strategic planning for the growth and expansion of the business.

Increased Efficiency

Most of the tasks that keep an employee engaged are either unpredictable, distracting, or repetitive. Employees are therefore unable to devote more time to their core activities.

Hiring a virtual assistant to perform all the repetitive and distracting tasks leaves the employer free to focus his/her attention as well as energy on the core tasks and enhance their overall productivity and efficiency level.

Offer “Round The Clock” Customer Support

Virtual Assistants are perfect for the profile of customer support. Companies having their presence across the globe find it tough to accommodate customers from different time zones.

In such a scenario hiring virtual assistants from a place across the globe that matches the time zone of the customer proves beneficial. This results in customer queries getting attended all the time and email or calls from the customer does not remain unanswered for a long time.

Flexibility to Scale Up The Business

Any changes in the business scale can be easily met with the help of Virtual Assistants. In case of an increase in business operations, virtual assistants can be asked to work for a greater number of hours or for some additional tasks.

Since the recruitment process takes up a lot of time, a virtual assistant proves handy in keeping the business under control even under peak season. When the business starts to decline, the work assigned to them can be decreased or they can be asked to work for a lesser number of hours.

Hire The Specialist

In many cases, the owner of a company may not have the expertise or skill to perform a specialized task. In such a case employing a professional would mean shelling out big bucks from the pocket.

The safer bet is, therefore, to hire the services of a skilled virtual assistant who will perform the task as and when you need them and charge only for the work performed.

It is quite evident that virtual assistants play a major role in reducing costs, improving efficiency, and maintaining a well-deserved work-life balance in extremely hectic lives. Hiring them thus leads to multifaceted benefits and flexibility in business.


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