Guide to Best Online Jobs for Filipinos You Should Check Out
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Prior to the pandemic, online jobs has been just an alternative way of working or an extra way to earn cash. Usually, people have online jobs to earn extra money aside from their nine-to-five jobs or classes. Back then, online jobs aren’t usually seen as the main source of income for most Filipinos – until the pandemic hit. A lot of businesses either had to shut down or lay off some of their workers due to loss of revenue. Moreover, going out for work has become riskier because of the virus.

Because of this, a lot of Filipinos have to resort to online jobs as their main source of income. It is safer and it is also more convenient due to its setup. All that is needed is a stable internet connection and a device such as a laptop or desktop computer. Oftentimes, online jobs even pay more than the regular nine-to-five office jobs. Also, it can be flexible and you can work during your preferable hours.

A lot of sites talking about online jobs are too long that it’s exhausting to go through them one by one. To help spare you the trouble of going through the entire thing, here’s a quick guide to the best online job based on skill. This will help you find the perfect job based on what you can do and what you’re good at.

Jobs for Eloquent Writers

If you’re a passionate writer and good at realizing a company/client’s vision into words, then read on. There are a lot of perfect jobs out there for you online. To become an online writer, it is crucial to have great – if not impeccable – grammar and style of writing. Another quality employers look for is vast knowledge in different topics or at least the capability to write about them. Writers will also be asked by their employers to think of topics that’s why creative and critical thinking is important.

Writers are commonly freelancers and they work as per the client’s request. Sometimes, they would charge per hour while others would charge per word. These would depend on the writer’s preference as well as on the nature of their employment. Freelancers can charge however they want – and some can charge more than others. However, being a freelancer can be unstable since it could be a challenge looking for a client. Meanwhile, those who are under an outsourcing company like Gabtech Global are more stable and secure. Also, the cost won’t be too heavy for the client.

Think you have the qualities of a good writer? Then take a look and consider these online jobs:

  • Content Writer – content writers have a more broad range of topics and types of written content to write – depending on the client. Usually, content writers need to write blogs that are related to the company and the services they provide. For example, wellness companies would ask their content writers to write anything related to wellness. They may also write other content for websites, emails, etc.
  • E-Book Writer – e-book writers may have a single topic to write about, but it’s more extensive in terms of word count and research.
  • Proofreader – proofreaders may not be mainly focused on writing, but they ensure that the overall output has zero mistakes in terms of grammar and punctuation.
  • Editors – editors are a combination of writers and proofreaders, aside from making sure that there are minimal to zero grammatical mistakes, they also rewrite parts of the output to make it better.

Marketing Work Opportunities

Those who have worked in marketing in an actual office prior to the pandemic can still find opportunities online. Aside from having the knowledge related to marketing, it is important to have interpersonal skills as well. Those who work in marketing have to deal with different kinds of people as their client, customer, or partner. As a result, they must be open-minded, observant, and a good listener and communicator.

If you think you’re up for marketing, might as well apply for these jobs:

  • Market Researcher – this doesn’t require much interpersonal communication, but as the name implies, this job requires extensive research and analysis. Researchers must be able to go through several papers and process them. Additionally, they must know how to analyze and apply them to the company’s goals and vision.
  • Digital Marketing Manager – at this age, most companies have already adjusted to digital marketing. With that, it is important to have a manager who is both tech-savvy and knows a lot about marketing. They should be able to navigate their way around the complex world of digital marketing and surpass the competition.
  • Customer Service Representative – they focus more on the welfare and experience of the customer during the business transaction. Customer service representatives must be patient and good at communicating as they handle customer feedback and complaint. Also, they must be able to retain customer’s loyalty to the company. Sometimes, they also offer and market products to potential customers as well.

For the Tech-Savvy

Obviously, the tech-savvies are the ones who are adjusting well to online jobs. It’s because the nature of the expertise relies upon the internet and technology. To take on these jobs, one must have background knowledge as to how things work like coding, web developing, etc. It is important to know that these skills are usually not just something that you can learn on the spot. To qualify for these jobs, they must have enough background and experience to assure the quality and delivery of services.

If you have the background, experience, and expertise, check out these jobs:

  • Web Developer – web developers are the ones behind the backbone of websites. They would use programming languages and they must know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They may also design the website if they have the skills for it.
  • SEO Specialist – SEO is very important for companies if they want to keep their brand on the radar online. With that, SEO specialists can help out. They are the ones in charge of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. Also, they increase the company’s website’s visibility on search engines via content creation and cross-linking.
  • Graphic Designer – graphic designers require both technical and creative skills. They are the ones in charge of creating visual content like newsletters and ads that will appease potential customers. They must have a wide range of knowledge in different designing tools and apps and creativeness that stands out.

There is a wide range of jobs for a different set of skills that is out there for everyone. It only takes determination, patience, and more grinding to get the job. Determination to keep wanting to get the job that you want. Patience to go through different job postings and websites as well as wait for their responses to your job application. Lastly, grinding and working hard not just when you finally get the job but also before that as you educate and train yourself.