Tips on How to Deal with Unhappy Customers: A Virtual Assistant's Story
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Customers can be quite demanding, if not a lot. From back then until now, customer service is still one of the most challenging works out there. They usually demand responses as soon as possible, if not instant. Also, they always demand from anyone for customer support may it be through voice, chat, social media, or email.

Beyond here is a personal account of a virtual assistant’s journey and experience with a troublesome customer. Learn about the key points and what to do in case it happens.

How the Customer Trouble Began

I have a client that sells a variety of supplements online. Their products vary from weight loss, anti-aging, to CBD oil mostly on a trial program. A few months ago, they had a surge in sales volume. However, we were not given a proper heads-up prior to the sales ramp.

Our team was drowning with calls and drop rates were hitting historical highs of 30 to 40% in some days. It took us a week to ramp up our agent count but by then, we’ve had thousands of unhappy customers. To make things worse, a good portion of it called their banks demanding a charge-back. The issue ballooned so fast that the client ended up losing their merchant account due to excessive chargeback. Aside from having over $200,000 in chargeback fees, the client wasn’t able to generate $100,000 in daily revenue.

In hindsight, I think the issue could have been avoided had there been a proper call volume forecast. That was the best approach during a situation such as this.

Here’s the reality in customer service: customers are impatient. They are incredibly demanding. I mean, aren’t we all? But that doesn’t mean it’s something you can’t deal with.

I did data analysis for weeks to figure out the correlation between customers from that time. I analyzed those who called 800 but didn’t reach an agent and those who called their banks for a chargeback. Then, the results show that over 70% of them didn’t attempt to call 800 again nor send an email. Basically, they just called their banks to ask for a chargeback instead of calling the customer service. Doing so could’ve gotten them a refund or an order cancellation.

Best Solution for Unhappy Customers

For companies who sell a recurring charge model especially online stores, it is very critical to have close communication. This is especially crucial between the marketing and customer service teams on sales ramp-up schedules.

It is also ideal to work with a customer service company that can provide on-demand agents with per-minute charging. This model is the most cost-effective for the merchant and also the most recommended. It is because the cost of customer service only increases as the sales volume increases. Moreover, if a merchant’s call volume is consistent, an hourly service model will become cheaper in the long run.

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