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More than a year after the pandemic, we are still fighting the virus. Most people are still stuck in their homes trying to carry on with their lives despite the health hazard. Mostly, people are trying to find means to survive especially during these trying times. However, it can be challenging for those who came from physical offices and had to switch to online. But as time goes on, they eventually got used to the new setup.

Then, through the vaccine, more and more people are becoming immune to the virus – getting us closer to the end of the pandemic. As of October 18 this year, the vaccination rate has reached about 70% of the population. The United States has 65% of its population vaccinated, Germany has 68%, France has 75%, Italy has 76%, and the United Kingdom has 72%.

At this point, we are getting closer to herd immunity and the end of the pandemic. However, there are several factors that could make or break it:

  1. Human behavior – it will depend on people’s participation as to whether we can reach herd immunity or not. The more people are willing to take the vaccine, the higher the possibility. Otherwise, it will take us a lot longer to reach herd immunity.
  2. Accessible COVID-19 treatments – one of the issues we face is the lack of accessibility to COVID-19 treatments. The lengthy process becomes a hindrance that’s why making it easier and accessible will help solve the problem.
  3. Free tests – to know who to treat and mitigate the cases, we must make COVID-19 tests accessible and free.

In the meantime, we are still battling against the virus. During this time, people were able to find ways to earn income – one is through freelancing or online work.

What is Online Work?

Online work refers to basically any job that is online. Prior to the pandemic, online jobs has been just an alternative way of working or an extra way to earn cash. Usually, people have online jobs to earn extra money aside from their nine-to-five jobs or classes. Back then, online jobs aren’t usually seen as the main source of income for most Filipinos – until the pandemic hit. A lot of businesses either had to shut down or lay off some of their workers due to loss of revenue. Moreover, going out for work has become riskier because of the virus.

Because of this, a lot of Filipinos have to resort to online jobs as their main source of income. It is safer and it is also more convenient due to its setup. All that is needed is a stable internet connection and a device such as a laptop or desktop computer. Oftentimes, online jobs even pay more than the regular nine-to-five office jobs. Also, it can be flexible and you can work during your preferable hours.

Examples of Online Work

  • Content writer – content writers have a more broad range of topics and types of written content to write – depending on the client. Usually, content writers need to write blogs that are related to the company and the services they provide. For example, wellness companies would ask their content writers to write anything related to wellness. They may also write other content for websites, emails, etc.
  • Digital Marketing Manager – at this age, most companies have already adjusted to digital marketing. With that, it is important to have a manager who is both tech-savvy and knows a lot about marketing. They should be able to navigate their way around the complex world of digital marketing and surpass the competition.
  • Customer Service Representative – they focus more on the welfare and experience of the customer during the business transaction. Customer service representatives must be patient and good at communicating as they handle customer feedback and complaint. Also, they must be able to retain customers’ loyalty to the company. Sometimes, they also offer and market products to potential customers as well.
  • SEO Specialist – SEO is very important for companies if they want to keep their brand on the radar online. With that, SEO specialists can help out. They are the ones in charge of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. Also, they increase the company’s website’s visibility on search engines via content creation and cross-linking.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Cost-efficientLack of Separation Between home and work life
Time-savingDomestic Distractions
Custom environment Lack of Will to Work
More time with Loved Ones

Philippines and Online Work

The fifth-largest supplier of freelancers, the Philippines, has 99.8% vaccinated from their A1 priority group alone. Meanwhile, 54.5% of the A2 priority group was vaccinated as of October 10. The Philippines has been the preferred source of freelancers and according to Gestetner, there are over 1.5 million freelancers in the country. He said that Filipinos have a wide range of skills, a strong work ethic, and a great understanding of American culture and language. 

Office Work

Basically, this refers to working in an actual office with desks, This is also where interpersonal communication and collaboration with teammates happen. In an office setup, employees have to travel from their homes in order to reach their workplaces. Then, they will perform their tasks such as the typical administrative duties or any professional work. The nature of the office depends on the type of business 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Better distribution of workspaceDistractions all around
Better teamworkLack of privacy
Clearer and more efficient meetingsMore pressure and anxiety
Easier to establish contacts

Online or office work?

In the end, it is wise for employees to go with jobs where they are comfortable with – whether or not they are online or in the office. This is because trying to switch careers just because the pandemic is over can be risky. One of those risks includes ending up in a workplace that is worse than the previous one. It is better to do some reflecting as to whether is it wise to reconsider one’s career path once the pandemic is over.

Biased as it may sound, but we at Gabtech Global thinks that sticking to online work even after the pandemic is still better. Firstly, the people and businesses we’ve helped make the job worth it. Moreover, the work environment is something that would surely make you want to stay even after the pandemic. Even our virtual assistants say so!