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Solve the uncertainty, get access to new talent pools and ensure faster hires at much lower operational costs


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Why Outsource? 

Senior Care companies’ revenue growth depends not only on the new clients they acquire, but also on the number of qualified and licensed caregivers they hire on a regular basis.

Caregiver recruitment is a full-time job, but hiring full-time local recruiters can be very expensive. This is the primary reason why most Senior Care companies prefer to partner with a RPO/BPO business and outsource the whole recruitment process.

With Gabtech Global, you get a team of dedicated and experienced recruiters at less than 50% the operational costs of a local team.

But that’s not all. We know that the majority of candidates usually apply for a caregiver job after office hours. Which is why it’s critical to have recruiters available to engage with new applicants immediately.

We also understand how competitive the senior caregiver market is and how low the show-up rate for interviews is, which is why our recruiters are trained to aggressively follow up with candidates to show up for their interviews.

Why Filipinos?

✔ The Cost Advantage: Cost competitiveness is one of the key reasons businesses outsource their non-core operations. The cost of labor in the Philippines is substantially less than in the US, and you don’t have to invest capital in computers, office space, software and related human resources. This can equal tremendous savings when compared to in-house operations.

✔ Get Access to New Talent Pools: English is the number one spoken language in the Philippines and outsourcing is the number one industry. Hiring a ready and willing workforce is much faster and easier when compared to US based employees. And of course, by assembling a recruitment team abroad, you have access to the necessary talent at the fraction of the cost of the same team at home.

✔ Operate Your Business After Office Hours: Outsourcing your business services to the Philippines also means that the time difference now comes with a beneficial effect. With an offshore recruitment team, you are now able to engage with new applicants immediately. All this while we take care of all management, HR, payroll and IT support.

Our Caregiver Recruiters' Scope of Work


  • Post job Ads and source candidates from various job boards and social media platforms
  • Send email invite and SMS to candidates regarding their application
  • Call job applicants to conduct phone screening interviews


  • Follow up and call old candidates to share new job opportunities
  • Call candidates to reschedule their interviews and about the status of their application
  • Call candidates for reminders (for those who haven’t proceeded with the application and the interview)


  • Provide daily metrics: number of sourced candidates from different job boards, number of emailed candidates, number of called candidates, number of texted candidates, number of follow up or backtrack candidates (EOD / RPO Daily Client Performance Tracker)

Why Choose Us?

We Are US Based:

  • We are easily accessible
  • We eliminate the admin, legal and tax headaches dealing with foreign entities and personnel

We Are A Filipino-American Owned Company:

  • We bridge the cultural gap between the US and the Philippines

We Co-Manage Your Projects:

  • You will have a dedicated Project Manager who will co-manage your KPIs
  • You will have several escalation levels as needed
  • We manage the HR, payroll and IT support for your offshore staff
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Our Clients

We are proud of continuously helping our clients become even more competitive and achieve their business targets.

Client Testimonials


"Gabtech Global enabled us to hire 5 caregivers every week in just after one week of recruiting for us. We haven’t had this much success in many years. I have introduced Gabtech Global to other franchise owners and they’ve been extremely pleased with the results. I would continue to recommend Gabtech Global to more franchise owners."

~ Tiffany Phelan, Director of Operations

Senior Helpers of Scottsdale


"In late 2021, I was totally frustrated with my recruiting results and decided to go back through every single step of our process. We discovered that the vast majority of our applicants, regardless of what job board applied after office hours. The majority applied from 6pm-10pm. I had been approached by several Virtual Assistant companies and vetted them out. GABTECH provided the best overall solution for our recruiting needs. The bottom line is that before GABTECH started making these critical calls, texts, emails right as new applicants apply we were averaging 5-6 new applicants in ClearCare a WEEK. NOW we average 50-70 a WEEK in Clearcare! Adding GABTECH literally saved my business!! I can’t recommend them enough!"

~ Robbie McCullough, CSA

Assisting Hands - Dallas, TX


"We were nervous about fully offshoring because of poor experience with previous RPO/BPO, but the Gabtech team delivered far more than expected. As a result, we have moved our entire back office and recruiting operations to Gabtech, and now we are on pace to double our revenue at 40% of the cost (and 0% of the headache) of US employees."

~ Christian Vanderbeck, CEO


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