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What are Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants are people who provide administrative assistance to entrepreneurs online. Unlike typical assistants or secretaries who are in the office, virtual assistants work in the comfort of their homes. However, this doesn’t lessen that their workload just because it’s online. The number of responsibilities and tasks are still the same. They would use software such as Google Calendar, Zoom, and Xero to conduct business.

What Are Their Duties?

In a nutshell, their primary duties are to carry out the menial tasks for the CEOs. They have to make the lives of the CEOs easier. From ensuring the departments are doing their deliverables to reminding today’s schedule, these lighten the workload of the CEOs. From frontend to backend, virtual assistants are there to represent the CEO and do the minuscule tasks for them. As a result, CEOs can focus on more pressing matters such as contracts, dealing with very important clients, etc.

Aside from the typical administrative duties, they sometimes do minor bookkeeping, graphic design, and content writing. They may not be focusing on those matters but they would still get involved during the process. This is important as the virtual assistant deals with other departments in the company. Being familiar with how certain things work helps the virtual assistant create better assessments and judgments. They may also do customer services and provide consumer-friendly assistance as well.

Where the Limitation Starts

Because of those aforementioned duties, it is important for a good virtual assistant to have a wide set of skills. This requirement becomes a limitation for those who want to join the industry. Those who don’t have these attributes won’t make it. Otherwise, they are free to join and prosper.

Although, they don’t have to be a master of all these. A basic understanding and room for improving them are enough. Another requirement is enough multitasking skills to juggle workload and dealing with clients and the CEO. Being a virtual assistant is not easy at all, that’s why one must have these attributes at the very least to survive.


Not all clients are perfect, that’s why it is important for a good virtual assistant to be patient. It is also equally important to have fair expectations and embrace those imperfections to make things work. Having impossible expectations and not giving room for flaws will only cause unnecessary conflicts between the virtual assistant and the client.


Just like all jobs, another main requirement to be a good virtual assistant is being hardworking. They must be able to withstand the huge workload while being able to catch up with the client’s needs as well. Although this doesn’t mean selling one’s soul to the company, going the extra mile will pay off as well. Employees must also show that they are worth what they are being paid for.

Wide Set of Skills

As mentioned earlier, virtual assistants will be dealing with a wide range of tasks. With that, it is important to have a wide set of skills as well to adapt. They don’t have to be actual experts since there are others who specialize in those areas, but basic knowledge will do. This is important because virtual assistants will be dealing with different departments and clients. With that, they must have at least the basic knowledge to know what’s happening and what they can do to help.

Quick Sense & Common Sense

While on the job, it is important to have quick senses and awareness of the surroundings. Always take note of the things that needed improvement, approval from the executive, etc. More importantly, a good virtual assistant must be aware and take note of the things the client needs. Also, being aware and taking notes aren’t enough, actions must be done as well. If a department looks like they lack something, it must be taken care of immediately. If the client needs something, it must be addressed immediately.

Another important factor here is common sense as not everything will be spoonfed to the virtual assistant. They must be able to pick up social cues and use their common sense to address the situation. This is important as they will be representing the client at times.

Willingness to Learn

In this ever-changing society, having the willingness to learn is an asset. Because with additional knowledge comes a chance to improve and evolve as an individual and as a company. When virtual assistants are willing to be trained, they can unlock their potential and open more opportunities.

Financial Advantages of Virtual Assistance

These days, it seems that the virtual assistant industry has been growing and will continue to grow. In the Statista survey, the outsourcing industry went up to approximately $85 billion and it would potentially keep growing. With that, more people are getting into becoming virtual assistants. Its remote setup is more suitable plus they can save more compared to being a full-time employee in an office.

For Employees

Financially speaking, there is a lot of potentials for the virtual assistant industry to grow. Workers can save more since they’re just at home. There’s no need to spend money on transportation, restaurant, etc. These virtual assistants who are working from work are said to be able to save money. The only thing needed for them to be able to work is a decent device and a stable internet connection. Once, they have those covered, they can work anywhere they want. The convenient setup of being a virtual assistant contributes to its growth and it encourages more people to become one.

For Companies

On the other hand, the cheaper cost of virtual assistants helps companies thrive. With the money they can save, CEOs can focus on more pressing financial matters or invest. As a result, a higher income and financial growth become more possible.