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Hire a Virtual Assistant For As Low As $5 per Hour

Save Time & Money in a Feel-Good Way

Running a business requires you to focus on what matters most.. The Big Picture.

For all else, delegate repetitive, non-revenue producing tasks in your business to a
Virtual Assistant.

You can do this without emptying your pockets AND still contribute an above-average pay in another country’s local economy. 
It’s a win-win-win!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a Pain, Right?

Unfortunately, yes – it can be.

We know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to hire the right person for the right position in your business. 

In fact, our research and years of experience tells us that it takes an average of 15 hours and at least 10 candidates to find the right Virtual Assistant.

Let’s do a thought experiement:

Say your time is worth $100 per hour.
Finding the virtual assistant on your own takes approximately 15 hours, right?

Would you want to spend $1500 to hire just one person when you can accomplish more for less?

We didn’t think so. Your time is just too valuable to spend it on tasks like this.

Still a bit unsure?
Let’s take it one step further..

We are SO confident in our services and candidates, that we offer a GUARANTEE.
If you are not happy with your Virtual Assistant within 30 days, you will get a free replacement of your VA. That way, you don’t have anything to lose – only the opportunity to gain time and money.

Why Gabtech Global?


We have a proven and proprietary 12-point recruitment process. 

This ensures that we always find the right Virtual Assistant for you.

Take a look:

☑ 1. Validation of Application Form

☑ 2. Review of Resume of at least 10 candidates

☑ 3. Interview candidates by a Recruitment Specialist

☑ 4. Interview short-listed candidates by a Recruitment Manager

☑ 5. Verify candidates’ identity with a Government Issued ID

☑ 6. Collect candidates’ voice recording

☑ 7. Administer aptitude tests of the short-listed candidates

☑ 8. Call and verify candidates’ job and character references

☑ 9. Collect the candidates’ 1000 words essay to evaluate writing skills

☑ 10. Collect the selected candidates’ Police Clearance

☑ 11. Perform Internet Speed Bandwidth Test for the selected candidate

☑ 12. Perform a PC Stress Test for the selected candidate

We only charge a flat rate of $399 for this service. 


Everyone wins.

What does that mean?

1. You win.

You get unmatched service for a low cost – that’s value.

2. If you win, so do we.

Your growth is our business.

So, if you’re winning, so are we.

3. Our recruits win, too!

They receive an above-average pay in their local economy.
This means they are not only happy to do the work but are thriving because of it.

Nobody gets taken advantage of.

We all win.


Just a few examples of what our Virtual Assistants can do:

  • Calendar Management

  • Customer Service
    (Voice, Email, and Chat Support)


  • Appointment Setting

  • Taking Meeting Notes

  • Prospect/Client Follow Up
  • Creating Proposals & PowerPoints


  • Audio, Video, & Graphic Design

  • Talent Sourcing and Recruitment

  • Social Media Content
    Creation and Distribution

  • LinkedIn Marketing

Wondering if this really works? Check it out!

“Upon meeting Chris, I was skeptical, as I usually am, about the potential for this service to be of
value to me. After some thorough communication about what I was looking to accomplish, I
decided to give it a try. After just the first couple of weeks, I can say that most, if not all, of my
concerns, were alleviated. After just a few weeks, my dedicated virtual assistant has become a
great asset to my company. She has been communicative and has done a spectacular job of
adapting to my work style. She has helped me to begin a business development pipeline and
created an organization around follow-up that I lacked prior. In short, while it has only been a
couple of months working together, I am confident that the cost will prove to be very little
compared to the value our relationship will yield to come.”

~ Corey White, CEO of White Rabbit Search


“Gabtech Global enabled us to hire 5 caregivers every week in just after one week of recruiting for
us. We haven’t had this success in many years. I have introduced Gabtech Global to other
franchise owners and they’ve been extremely pleased with the results. I would continue to
recommend Gabtech Global to more franchise owners.”

~ Tiffany Phelan, Franchise Owner of Senior Helpers of Scottsdale


“Gabtech is an incredible partner and a true extension of our team. We’ve used Gabtech for a
variety of resources from support, to demo scheduling and data mining. Talent in these aspects
of the business aren’t terribly difficult to train, but it can be tough to retain talent and build a
deeper team relationship. With Gabtech and the people we utilize, we’re not just getting the
talent, but we’re getting the willingness to learn, true excitement for tech, and the desire to be
part of something bigger. At our company, we embrace a culture of welcoming, desire to grow,
and push each other. Not only have the Gabtech members fit this mold, but they continue to
excel and push everyone on the team to be the best version of themselves. Gabtech is more than
a working relationship and a true extension of our team which we very much appreciate.”

~ Brian Scruggs, COO of Zyra Talk


“Partnering with Gabtech Global VA Services for over one year has allowed me to focus on the
right tasks to grow my business. The level of support of my VA hired a year ago has been
phenomenal. I would strongly recommend Gabtech Global to others and I’ve already done so.”

~ Ticki Favaroth, CEO of HR&Co.


If, somehow, you’re still a bit uncertain.. don’t forget..

We offer a GUARANTEE!

30 Days to ensure satisfaction.