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Our global staffing solutions have given our clients from all over the world a competitive edge. We’ve successfully established teams that have demonstrated their ability to save costs, boost growth and meet targets.

Knowing where to begin when expanding your business offshore is the trickiest part. Our team fully understands this, as well as your many other concerns, which is why we are completely committed to delivering exceptional results based on three key principles: Seamless Transition, Low risk and Full Control Retention.

Seamless Transition

We provide the necessary framework to build your team from talent sourcing to human resource management, payroll and IT systems.

Low Risk

Begin with one employee, realize the value and then expand the team or extend the engagement as you deem fit. This minimizes your risk exposure and financial commitment.

Full Control

Your team will work fully under your direct supervision and will be committed to your organization.

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We help start-up companies, entrepreneurs and professionals grow their businesses by providing them with world-class talents to perform regular or specialized tasks that can be performed in a more operational and cost-efficient way.

Unlike our big competitors, we don’t care whether you need to outsource 1 staff or 100 staff. Our team can provide you with a fully managed team dedicated to helping you achieve success.

When you hire with Gabtech Global, you are hiring a team of multi-skilled professionals. We are your one-stop-shop global staffing partner.

Gabtech Global, LLC is led by professionals and experts with a track record of success, who are committed to assisting you in accomplishing your goals!

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Gabtech Global will build your team members through our 12-point selection approach to guarantee that we find the right talents for you, whether you require one individual or an army of specialists. We have a team of professional head hunters and Project Managers who will work closely with you from the time of our initial discovery call all the way until the onboarding of your team members.

We are a Filipino-owned firm based in Arizona, USA, that serves as an international bridge between our US clients and the Philippines’ world-class labor pool.

We enable you to grow your business faster and better, while significantly improving your bottom line.


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We are proud of continuously helping our clients become even more competitive and achieve their business targets.


Chris is a seasoned business process outsourcing (BPO) and marketing executive with over 15 years of professional experience.

Originally from the Philippines, Chris has long been a visionary in his industry who has helped businesses of all sizes thrive. In 2005, Chris together with his family was sent to the US by his former employer DTSI to actively promote the Philippines as an outsourcing destination among Fortune 500 companies. In doing so, Chris has been part of the team to create tens of thousands of jobs in the Philippines.

In 2009, Chris founded Gabtech LLC, an outsourcing consultancy in Arizona to enable small-and-medium-sized businesses to enjoy the benefits of global staffing that previously only large companies had access to. As CEO of Gabtech, he helped his clients grow their business’s revenue between 100 to 300 percent.

In 2017, Chris founded Gabtech Global LLC, a turnkey global staffing company based in Arizona, USA with its own service delivery center in the Philippines.

We are proud of continuously helping our clients become even more competitive and achieve their business targets.

Chris is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs transform their ideas into revenues

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