10 Easy Steps to Be Successful in a Work-From-Home Job

The Christmas holiday celebration isn’t over yet. The Filipino tradition for this season will normally end a week after New Year celebrations. This is a time when most self-reflections and new year resolutions come about.

Have you been reflecting about switching to the work-from-home setup? Let us help you make your decision easy. We have collated a set of the basics that you need to know or prepare for.

Let's start with ourselves:

1. Update your resume:
Begin by editing your resume with the latest information, focusing on the past five years of work experience. Include at least three character references to strengthen your professional profile. The look of the resume and your attention to details like spelling and grammar will aldo speak of who you are as an employee, make sure it speaks of truth and credibility.

Remember: Make sure your character references are aware of your intent to add them to your resume and ask for active and working contact information.

2. Online job postings:
Time is of the essence. Many are now in the job market, employers and applicants alike who are actively hiring and looking for a job. Visit and create a stand-out account on online job posting sites like LinkedIn, Upwork, and OLJ.

Remember: Read job offers and job requirements thoroughly. Submit applications promptly for positions that align with your skills and experience.

3. Self-Assessment:
Evaluate your skills, knowledge, and work experiences about the job requirements. Rate yourself objectively. This self-awareness will guide you in identifying suitable opportunities.

Remember: Check and cross out the job requirements that align with your expertise, if you get more checks, don’t hesitate to apply and hit submit.

4. Self-Reflection:
Realize your biggest WHY, it will always be your motivation and driving force. Dig deep into your skills and talents. Stand out not only through expertise but also by showcasing strong personal work ethics. Understand your motivations and stressors to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Remember: Be open to learning, unlearning, and relearning. What worked with your previous work may not with your new role. Having an attitude of resiliency and flexibility will help you win a good employer.

Now, let's shift our focus to setting up a conducive home workspace:

5. Noise Management:
Consider the noise level in your home environment. Minimize disruptions to create a focused work atmosphere. Invest in noise-canceling devices. If doable, soundproof your home office.

Important: This is not only to lessen the sounds of your dog barking or your neighbor's home renovations. It is more on your peace. Distractions are not good for your productivity. Uninterrupted, you are more likely to finish your daily tasks on time with accuracy and best quality.

6. Equipment and Internet:
Geographically, being in the Philippines can be a challenge in terms of connectivity, but be a Filipino and you can always find ways - be resourceful.

Important: Check your device specifications and ensure a stable internet connection. Plan for backups (internet and power source interruptions), especially during the rainy season when power outages may occur (consider your physical location).

Moving on to the interview phase:

7. Virtual Interviews:
With platforms like Skype or Zoom becoming commonplace, dress professionally even for virtual interviews. Pay attention to your surroundings – minimize background noise and clarify any potential disturbances. Select a professional background.

Consider: Talk to your family, especially if you have toddlers and pets, maybe the neighbor is having a few renovations. Set professional and personal boundaries at home.

8. Post-Application Phase:
After the paperwork is complete, don't lose sight of your goals. Revisit your motivations and ensure the accuracy of your data. Commit to continuous learning and upskilling to enhance your qualifications.

Consider: Level up your value as an employee. Sign up for free training online or in your community that can help you to upskill. Continuously learn about updates related to your profession and explore alternative tools and approaches to make your job easier. These may help you in terms of promotions and higher compensation.

9. Set expectations and limit for your time:
Resist the temptation to check your emails after work hours. Turn off your work device at the end of the shift. Tools and apps may be available on your mobile devices, set your status to away and be truly away. At the end of the day, the real measure of productivity is being able to complete your task within the shift. Making yourself available all the time may lead to burnout and stress.

Consider: Your position in the company as a professional ends when you hit the log-off button. Have a technology break every so often. Switch to your other life role. Go out with your kids, cook for yourself or your family, be a parent, be a child, be a friend.

10. Focus and prioritize:
Create a daily to-do list. Use bright and colored papers so it always catches your attention. Use notepad apps and set alarms and notifications on your phone to remind you what task to prioritize and then what’s next.

Consider: The bed will be your quiet but biggest distraction, make sure your workstation is in a separate room or space in your house. It will not distract your sleeping children. It will not distract you, when the bed calls, don’t give in.

Remember your 'why.' This is for you, stay consistent, unlearn, learn, and relearn. The more qualified you become, the more opportunities and better compensation will come your way. Impress with your skills, and let your journey be marked by consistent excellence.

Best of luck in your career transition!

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