5 Key Best Practices in Recruiting and Hiring in 2022


With a recruiting landscape that’s constantly changing and getting highly competitive day by day, talent acquisition teams have an ever-increasing expectation of landing the best hires. Given that the US national unemployment rates are at all-time low and good candidates don’t stay on the market for too long, recruiters’ jobs became all the more difficult.

Here are the 5 key best practices that can save the day and help you get access to the best talent out there.


1. Leverage Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Today, the majority of recruiters say that outsourcing plays a significant role in their recruiting process. Delegating job posting, screening of applicant resumes and interview scheduling to an offshore team, allows HR managers to utilize their time better and focus on the more important tasks that directly contribute to increasing the organization’s bottom line.


2. Make Sure Your Application Process is Mobile-friendly

It’s 2022 and your perfect candidates are from the youngest generation, since they make up most of the workforce. They grew up always online and on their smartphones, so you must make it possible for them to apply within a few clicks.

Of course, no one will apply for your job offer, if it’s not posted on the proper social media channels, job boards and career websites. Make sure your job ad is optimized to attract job seekers in simple, clear and precise bite-sized content.


3. Create a Strong Employee Referral Program

Employee referrals are always among the best and most cost-effective ways to find experienced talent for your organization. That said, creating an employee referral program does not have to be overly complicated or expensive. Just make sure it’s easy to understand and use, has the proper incentives, and offers an organization-wide recognition for the employee whose referrals land the job.


4. Engage With Passive Candidates

Passive job seekers are simply candidates who are not actively looking for a new job, but will be willing to accept a better offer if a relevant opportunity comes their way. One excellent way to capture their attention during a talent shortage is to maintain an applicant database. You can keep them engaged and “in the loop” by regularly sharing relevant content on social media.


5. Enhance The Candidate Experience During The Hiring Process

Candidate experience pre, during and post-recruitment contributes to your branding and can affect your company’s reputation in the job market. It also affects the kinds of talent you attract and retain. And we all know that candidates who have a positive experience with your company’s recruitment process will share it on social media and encourage others to apply.