Cultivating Success: The Gabtech Way

We talked about the Filipino skilled talent pool, the Philippines and its technology, and the country’s continuous effort toward globalization. In this edition, we’d like to welcome you to Gabtech Global LLC, where excellence knows no boundaries.

As a Filipino-owned firm headquartered in Arizona, USA, Gabtech has emerged as a key player in connecting top-tier Filipino professionals with discerning clients in the United States. Founded by the seasoned BPO and marketing executive, Chris Yap, Gabtech Global has been at the forefront of fostering these cross-cultural connections since 2017.

At present, Gabtech Global stands proud with a dedicated team of over 200 Filipino professionals and experts. This dynamic workforce collaborates seamlessly to support more than 80 clients in the United States. From accountants and bookkeepers to telemarketers, virtual assistants, and IT professionals, and others, our diverse team plays a crucial role in meeting the varied needs of our esteemed clients.

Our Commitment

At Gabtech, our commitment to client satisfaction is a comprehensive pledge to ensure a seamless transition of services, low-risk engagement, and the retention of full control. We understand the importance of a smooth transition in any collaboration, and with Gabtech, you can expect services seamlessly integrated into your operations, minimizing disruptions and ensuring efficiency.

Our dedication to low-risk engagement reflects our commitment to providing solutions that prioritize the stability and security of your business. We meticulously manage risks, allowing you to focus on your core activities with the confidence that our services are delivered with utmost reliability and resilience.

Moreover, Gabtech recognizes the significance of retaining full control over your operations. We empower you to maintain oversight and strategic direction while benefiting from the expertise of our consultants. Our collaborative approach ensures that you have the freedom and control needed to make informed decisions and drive the growth of your business.

Your Business Partner

Gabtech Global goes beyond being a service provider; we are a collaborative ally in the growth and success of our clients. We understand the unique challenges faced by CEOs, business owners, and HR heads in today's dynamic business landscape. By fostering strong partnerships, we align our strategies with the goals of our clients, ensuring a seamless integration of Filipino talent into their operations. Our commitment goes beyond connecting professionals; it involves actively contributing to the success of our clients by providing tailored solutions and consistently adapting to their evolving needs.

With Gabtech Global, you're not just accessing a workforce; you're gaining a strategic business partner dedicated to enhancing efficiency and achieving mutual success. Join us in the journey of bridging excellence across borders and let Gabtech be your trusted partner in growth and innovation. Tell us what you need.