Dale's Journey: From Dreamer to Remote Work Success

In today's blog, we sat and talked to one of our consultants. Dale is a 23-year-old hopeful trailblazer who found beauty in working from home. Read on and learn from the wisdom of a young dreamer!

With 2 years of experience as a Healthcare Recruiter, Dale shares her insights and passion for the virtual workspace.

In her younger years, she thrived in public, always taking charge. As a student leader, dancer, and public speaking enthusiast, she embraced it all. Through school pageants, she learned that beauty is more than skin deep—it's about understanding society firsthand.

"I developed people skills and confidence, shared my talent, and most importantly learned about social issues - after all,  it isn't all about the outside", she emphasizes.

She’s studying BS Criminology with dreams of joining the police force and serving her community. But when the pandemic hit, her academic journey was put on hold. Knowing she needed to earn money and gain work experience during the pandemic restrictions, she focused on finding employment.

She found herself lodging applications online as a virtual assistant. She landed her first job, but settled for low-paying positions. "I accepted different positions, I tried and learned as I went along. I had an unkind boss and I was ok with it as long as I was getting paid".

She immersed herself in remote work, transitioning from one project to another as a Virtual Assistant, steadily gaining experience until she felt ready to pursue a more fitting and mentally enriching position. Exploring job boards, she stumbled upon the Gabtech Healthcare Recruiter position.

Despite lacking healthcare experience, she applied, quickly adapted, and mastered the role over two years, becoming a seasoned professional still excelling today.

Why Work from home?

For Dale, family is everything. As a devoted pet lover, she values the balance of being a daughter, a fur parent, and an employee - all from the comfort of home. With remote work, she saves hours of commute time and avoids the confines of an office, allowing her to thrive while pursuing her Criminology degree. Reflecting on her journey, Dale found that solitude brings out her best self. Now, as she nears graduation, she continues to excel in her work and studies, embracing a fulfilling path forward.

What is your work highlight?

"I don't feel like I am working" - Dale

The Client:
Regular temperature checks ensure comfort in workload and environment. Dale collaborates freely, sharing ideas for greater effectiveness. Her training's first two weeks were paid, with no micro-management; she was entrusted with her role. Job matching took about a month, but to Dale, it was well-considered. "All I can think of now is giving back to the client," she added. Money is now secondary.

Gabtech Culture:
Transferred to different team leads thrice, she couldn’t complain. She highlighted that her managers were very approachable and didn't feel a need to hold back from reaching out because there was just very open communication in the virtual office. "I wouldn't last 2 years if I can't bear with people I work with. All are very supportive, no pressure, very good work environment, mental health is optimal; I've come to realize you can work with people with a higher position, without being afraid".

Personal and Professional Growth

Dale's experience with remote work brought both personal and professional growth. She celebrated small victories along the way, which boosted her confidence. Despite her young age, she seized the opportunity and now has the means to afford what she needs and wants. Being a graphic artist on the side, Dale achieved a significant milestone by buying her first car in 2023, making it easier to commute between school and home. Dale found it easier to balance work and achieve her life goals one at a time.

Advice for jobseekers

To the younger hopefuls, she reiterated the importance of staying in school and finishing a degree. It will not be easy out there and if one is privileged to have a family who can pay for your education,  take advantage of it, and create a better version of yourself. But if there is a need to work, one must not be afraid to take on simple, low-paying jobs and work your way up.

To everyone, don't let age or education hinder you. Everyone can start from the bottom, learn it, and love it. It may not be what you wanted at first, but make sure you settle for a job where you can be comfortable. Prioritize your mental health. Learn from every role and when you're ready to advance, advocate for your true worth as a professional. Money and compensation will follow as you strive to grow, personally and professionally.

Embrace comfortable roles, say yes even if uncertain, and learn as you go. Embrace challenges; regret comes from missed opportunities. Take chances, try new things, and discover your potential. Give it a shot and see what happens!

Join the Journey

At Gabtech, we believe in boundless growth and the power of community. We find joy in sitting down and learning from each individual's journey—a tapestry of unique and beautiful stories. It doesn't matter where you've come from or what you've achieved; here, you shape your narrative - you write your own story, and we’d love to hear it, too!

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