Remote Work Spotlight: Inspiring Tales from Filipino IT Professionals

Work-from-home (WFH) has proven to be a beautiful opportunity for many, reshaping the traditional work landscape.   In this edition, we will uncover the untold stories of resilience, adaptation, and growth, providing a glimpse into the dynamic world of working from home in the Philippines. Discover the unique narrative of a Gabtech IT professional who has seamlessly navigated the remote landscape.

Nonie Hernandez is a SOC L1 Technical Specialist with one of our US-IT Companies. He’s been with the client since March of 2022. Nearing his 2nd anniversary, join us as he shares his story.

Nonie's Journey

Embarking on an Electronic and Communications Engineering (ECE) journey in 1988, Nonie’s career took a significant turn in 2001 when he was petitioned to work in the dynamic realm of IT in the US. After 17 years, circumstances led his family back to the Philippines in 2018. Restarting with a new life back in the country, he immersed himself in the BPO world as a technical support specialist, navigating onsite work, and graveyard shifts. The onset of the COVID era marked a pivotal moment as remote work gained prominence. He had his first exposure to this setup when his former company allowed its employees to render work from home until the pandemic restrictions slowly loosen, he was then asked to go back onsite. Embracing the convenience of working from home he started to actively seek permanent WFH opportunities, till he found a fitting role at Gabtech, enticed by the growth prospects and the full WFH setting. 

Transition to Remote Work

Nonie, like many who transitioned to the work-from-home setting, has faced challenges such as power outages, internet connectivity, and adapting to new technologies. He emphasized these can't be avoided but can be remedied, all you have to do is invest for your backup. “You have to meet halfway [with the client] when the client is flexible to adjust with you, you have to make sure you are learning the task you need to do in return, you must show commitment, and abide by the rules”.

Nevertheless, these were minor challenges overpowered by the beauty it has given. Eliminating graveyard shift and the ever so common tiring commute from the daily to-do list.

Work from Home Personal and Professional Success

In a BPO environment, Nonie found routine, but remote work opened doors to more opportunities. Upskilling online became a focus, making it less costly for companies. Nonie highlighted the importance of continuous learning in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Tips for Success: Make continuous learning a habit, utilizing free online resources, and setting goals. He encourages beginners to gain knowledge through apprenticeships, emphasizing the importance of discipline and passion in the learning process.

Tech and Tools: Apart from company-provided tools, Nonie explores resources like Cisco, Microsoft, and A+ Certification Training, etc. He stresses the need to choose the right lessons, broadening one's abilities through self-discovery.

Cultural Adaptation: Be a proud Filipino, not just because you're good in English, but because you've got awesome traits like being trustworthy, hardworking, and dedicated. Filipinos have shown these qualities in the US, making a mark with our strong work ethic, OFWs are a testament to that.  In the world of working from home (WFH), where diversity is celebrated, being Filipino is a real advantage. The Pinoy way says always bring your best foot forward, whether you're in another country or in the WFH scene. US companies don't give second chances; if they're not happy with your work, they'll tell you straight up—pack your bags, you're out. So, let's show the world that Filipino dedication and hard work really stand out, especially in WFH.

The Future of Remote Work

Nonie believes in an exponential rise in remote work, emphasizing the need for adaptation. He sees the challenge in the Philippines as being internet reliability and power issues but believes in the country's potential.

Work-Life Balance: Nonie talked about the benefits of work-life balance - where he is very thankful for his health improvements, the convenience of working from the four corners of his own home and skipping the overall hazards of having to commute to work.

Words For Aspiring IT Professionals planning to venture into Work from Home

He recommends upgrading equipment based on client requirements for a better long-term opportunity. “If your client requires you an I5 get an I7, get ahead and stay ahead, this will open to better opportunities and growth within the company”

Save: “You don't need to spend more to learn, there are a lot of websites where you can learn the basics, set your goals into what field you'd like to focus on… take advantage of the free learnings online, don't be confined with just being a tech support, explore niche and upskill"

Discipline: "Learn discipline, if you can't get it [the task at hand], step back and leave it behind for a moment – ask questions, research about it, don’t be afraid to seek help. Your passion will lead you to learn it.”

“[The client] will provide you with the tools, explore it - be able to think outside the box, ask from colleagues, communicate - all you need to do is broaden your ability to search and discover new things out of that speck of information you have."

“[Age is never an issue] I don't mind being with the younger generation, I am happy to share what I know and I learn from them, too"

The Future of Work-from-Home

“The future of remote work in the IT industry looks super bright—it's gonna grow like crazy. You gotta keep up with technology because it's moving fast, and trust me, it's not gonna slow down. If you wanna stay in the game, you've got to be on a constant learning curve to develop your skills. AI is already here, and it needs a strong internet backbone to do its thing. So, when you're applying for jobs, they're gonna ask, "How fast is your internet?" It's a big deal. Make sure your internet and power are solid—invest in them. That's your ticket to ride the remote work wave in the IT world”.

Nonie's inspiring journey illuminates the transformative power of remote work, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of Filipino IT professionals. As we celebrate these tales of success, Gabtech invites you to join our pool of professionals. Whether you're a seasoned expert like Nonie or an aspiring IT enthusiast, our dynamic and supportive environment provides opportunities for growth, continuous learning, and a chance to thrive in the evolving landscape of remote work.

Embrace the future with Gabtech, where your skills and dedication become the driving force behind your success. Connect with us today and be a part of the Gabtech community, where innovation meets opportunity. Together, let's shape the future of IT excellence.