What Value Does Filipino Culture Add to Outsourcing?


There are a ton of reasons why many companies prefer to outsource their business processes to the Philippines, and these include the high linguistic and cultural compatibility between Filipinos and their US clients. This factor not only affects the quality of service provided by the workforce, but also ensures a harmonious and effective working relationship.

Your primary concern when it comes to outsourcing is the communication, both between your offshore workforce and your customers, and between your offshore and in-house teams. And because successful offshoring always starts with a proper communication plan, this is much easier when all of you speak the same language.

The majority of Filipinos speak and understand English very well, as it is the primary language used in classrooms besides the vernacular. Add years of good education and you will find many Filipinos who can easily converse with foreigners in English.

With an exceptionally high standard of education, more than half a million students who complete university each year and around 40 million highly trained people in the workforce, the talent pool is deep and rich.

You can outsource almost any position to the Philippines, from the usual customer service agents and recruitment specialists, to online marketing specialists and mobile app developers. You can also fill roles vertically, from entry-level to mid-level, right up to senior and executive levels.

The Filipino employees are some of the hardest working and loyal people on the planet. They have a warm and caring attitude for their community and family members, which they extend to their co-workers and customers. Thus, when each of your Filipino service agents is expected to maintain a smooth interpersonal relations with you and your in-house team, as well as the customers they talk to and interact with every day, they always deliver as promised.

One of the most familiar phrases in the Philippines is translated as “whatever happens, happens”. This is perhaps the most representative of how Filipinos value adaptability and quick thinking, as it serves as a sort of positive affirmation that allows them to deal with problems right then and there.

Properly managing and nurturing the workforce in the Philippines isn’t necessarily easy, but if you get it right with the help of a BPO partner, you can build an incredibly dedicated, loyal and highly effective team.