Work from Home: A Decision to Make

We, Filipinos, are renowned for our strong family ties, celebrating every life event, from birthdays to reunions and weddings. Christmas, in particular, is a non-negotiable season of togetherness and joy. Christmas isn't just a holiday; it's practically a way of life.

How many festive moments have you missed because of work? Being absent in many family pictures, commuting hassles, limited vacation leaves, and arriving late to family gatherings – we've all been there, right?

What if there's an alternative that allows you to work and attend all these life events, regardless of where and when they happen?

Welcome to the new normal: the era of remote work. Many companies have embraced this shift, offering opportunities for employees to choose either a fully remote setup or a mix of office hours and some remote work.

Are you getting ready to take on a work-from-home job? Read on to find out why or why you shouldn’t.

Remote Work: The Ultimate Holiday Hack

* Flexibility for All the Fun: Remote work provides the flexibility to participate in holiday celebrations without compromising your professional commitments. It allows you to join family reunions and festive parties without sacrificing your job. You can be wherever the party is - no office cubicle chains attached.

Picture this: You and your laptop by the cottage, your feet on the sand while you’re working and the reunion is happening in the next cottage next to yours. (Note: This is not true for all remote jobs, some will require quiet surroundings.)

* Mix Work with Your Merry: Say goodbye to the strict line between work and play. You can enjoy the holiday season while still meeting work responsibilities, striking a balance that ensures both professional success and personal fulfillment – the best of both worlds.

Picture this: Joining your family for the Noche Buena prayer and blessing then going back to your home office desk with a plateful of all foods served hot and fresh while you continue to fulfill your job.

* Beat the Traffic Blues: If your workplace is miles away, remote work means bidding farewell to wasting time in traffic. Picture more chilling time with loved ones and less time stuck in the holiday rush. A total win!

Picture this: You are helping prepare the barbeque while waiting to clock in for work and that less than a minute trip from your backyard to your home office desk, still smelling that fresh barbeque scent on your clothes.

* Make Memories, Not Excuses: Working from home enables you to create epic memories with friends and family. No more “Fear Of Missing Out” – be there for unexpected hangouts and capture the magic of the season.

Picture this: Hitting that break button to flash a smile for that Christmas family picture.

* Embrace the Hybrid Lifestyle: Some companies offer a hybrid work model, giving you a superpower – part office superhero, part homebuddy. This flexibility ensures you can enjoy the best of both worlds – a professional work environment when needed and the comforts of home during the festive season.

Picture this: When the festive spirits come to a low and you go back to celebrate the rest of the season with your colleagues in the office.

Remote work sounds like a dream, right? Well, buckle up because it's not all Netflix and pajamas. In essence, remote work, like a physical office, demands a commitment to professionalism, timely deliverables, and effective noise management. While the setting may change, the expectations for quality work and a collaborative work ethic remain constant.

* Keep It Classy, Even in Pajamas: Remote work doesn't mean 24/7 PJs. Virtual meetings demand a decent shirt, brushed hair, and professional vibes. Keep the cap and gown spirit alive.

Think about this: You are a professional, you earned that post and many are waiting to get the job you’re doing.

* Deadlines Are Still a Thing: Deadlines and deliverables are non-negotiable. Just because you're not physically present in an office doesn't mean deadlines become flexible. Hit those project goals and make your team proud.

Think about this: You signed a contract so you have a commitment to fulfill. Remember that you are a part of a team.

* Toddlers and Tech: A Crazy Mix: Balancing work and parenting is doable but challenging. Working too close to a toddler might pose challenges, necessitating creative solutions to ensure both work and family life can coexist harmoniously. Let your family members know, set ground rules, get babysitting magic going, and prevent toddlers from crashing your Zoom party.

Think about this: You are a provider or a family head and you have to keep control of your surroundings. Your kids are as important as the work you do. Communicate.

* Home Sweet... Noise? Your home is now your office, but silence isn't guaranteed. Dogs bark, siblings argue, and neighbor renovation and construction never ends. Invest in noise-canceling headphones or find that secret quiet spot.

Think about this: Many companies that offer remote work are offshore companies. Keeping the noise low is a sign of respect especially in business or corporate meetings. It wouldn't hurt to spend a little bit more on your work accessories, after all, it’s what helps you keep your job.

* Silence Those Distractions: Great Wi-Fi means great responsibility Keep focus real, turn off notifications, put away your mobile phone, and resist the allure of social media challenges. Remote work has comfy perks, but staying on task is the superhero move.

Think about this: The noise the social media brings, the latest trends, the gossip, they can wait. Your deadlines and focus at work will bring food to the table, but the gossip won’t.

The Challenge: Could remote work be the missing piece to your career puzzle?

As the holidays approach, consider the pros and cons of remote work. It's not just a job change; it's a dynamic journey. As you gather with loved ones, also gather your thoughts on how remote work could redefine your work-life balance. This Christmas, give yourself the gift of “being present”.

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