E04: When Faith In God Helped A Broke Immigrant Transformed $20 To Over $20M Annual Revenue

Tony Mangat is a serial entrepreneur based in Glendale, Arizona. Originally from Punjab, India, Tony immigrated to the USA on asylum due to religious and political threats in India.

Arriving in the US with only $20 in his pocket, Tony has transformed this $20 to multi-million dollars in annual revenue through his group of companies.

Through sheer grit, resiliency, perseverance, commitment, and absolute faith in God’s will, Tony has realized his ideas into revenues on multiple occasions.

Tony’s Mangat Group of Companies are involved in the following ventures:

  • Mangat Group – Trucking Company
  • Super Logistics – Logistics and Dry Freight Company
  • MG Truck Tires – Truck Tire Distribution Company
  • MG Warehouse – Warehousing Company
  • Mangat Investment – Real Estate Development Company
  • BINMAYHEM – Thrift Store Company
  • 5th World Brands – Online Store

Tony is an active philanthropist both in the US and abroad. Tony has built a school in Punjab, India for the benefit of the lesser fortunate children. Tony has also been a major donor to Food For The Poor, donating over 12,000 meals to hungry children around the world.

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