E05: You Must Love Solving Problems To Be A Successful Entrepreneur with Marvin Galang

JuanTax is the Philippine’s first BIR-Accredited Tax Solution Provider under the Electronic Tax System Provider Program (eTSP) of the Bureau of Internal Revenue that was launched last December 6, 2018.

JuanTax is a digitized Business to Business (B2B) tax platform that enables Accountants and Bookkeepers to automate their tax preparation, bookkeeping, and Financial Reports. Taxpayers benefit with an easy, cost-efficient & seamless way to file and pay taxes through cloud-based technology.

A US CPA and a Philippine CPA Board topnotcher (1999) and Alumnus of San Beda College, people say that Marvin Galang has all the recipes for success. A well organized and disciplined individual, with a close eye for detail and a good head for numbers. But he did not have it all easy though, and the climb was an uphill one.

Marvin is fond of technology and its applications to process improvement. A true champion of cloud computing and accounting, he founded Double Rule in 2013, a cloud technology accounting firm which was awarded as Xero’s 2014 Accounting Partner of the Year for the United States.

As the majority of his career was spent serving US clients, Marvin thought of a way to give back to society and fulfill his responsibility to his profession by helping his fellow Filipino accountants improve and grow their practice through technology. This sparked the idea of JuanTax, a cloud-based tax software that automates tax preparation for in-one. He believes that time is changing and that CPAs need to adapt to survive.

In spite of all the rejections and turndowns, he keeps on working day in day out believing in his vision and working on helping one accountant at a time.

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