E08: We Are All Entrepreneurs, Believe It Or Not with Sid Mohasseb

In this episode, Chris Yap featured the Best Seller Author, Investor, and Professor, Sid Mohasseb, also known as the Entrepreneur Philosopher. Sid made a strong point that all human beings are innately entrepreneurs. What we do with this natural ability depends on which Personal Entrepreneurship Philosophy we identify ourselves with.

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, regardless of age, race, or occupation must listen to this episode as Sid will enlighten us that we are all in fact, entrepreneurs and that we all have the ability to exchange our available resources for something better that we desire.

Sid Mohasseb is known as The Entrepreneur Philosopher. He is a published author, serial entrepreneur, venture investor, university professor, innovation leader, business thought provoker and public speaker.

At 16 he migrated to US without his family, at 21, he started and later sold his first company while at collage. At 25, he taught comparative Eastern and Western philosophy. At 27, he became the youngest partner of a national management consulting. During the next two decades, he supported large scale acquisitions and acted as principal investor in middle market companies leading company turnarounds. He also founded and led several early-stage and hyper-growth companies from inception to acquisition.

Sid has served on the boards of over a dozen profit and non-profit companies. He has logged thousands of hours developing strategies for various enterprises and working with board members and management to execute. As a teacher, he has taught Strategic Management, Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, Negotiation and Data Analytics to MBAs at USC, Chapman, and UCI.

As a professional fund manager and angel investor, Sid has mentored dozens of entrepreneurs, met with hundreds of start-up companies, and reviewed countless business plans. As a management consultant and board member, he has advised corporate leaders across a wide spectrum of industries and scale. As an author (The Caterpillar’s Edge), adjunct professor, a venture capitalist, a few times over corporate CEO, former Strategic Innovation lead in Strategy for a conglomerate, a Harvard trained negotiator, a veteran board member and a featured TED Speaker, Sid’s real expertise is in connecting theory and reality and helping people see the bend in the road ahead and make visions a reality.

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