E12: The Evolution of Customer Experience

In this episode, Chris Yap featured the Co-Founder and CEO of FBC Asia Pacific, Siva Subramaniam. Siva described the evolution of the customer experience industry from his early years in Pan-Am Airlines working as a booking agent 40 plus years ago to leading an outsourcing operation of over 14,000 employees. Siva emphasized the importance of customer service transformation to keep customers happy and how advantageous it is for companies to operate customer service from the Philippines.

This episode will provide leaders in the Customer Experience role key principles to keep employees motivated and loyal while keeping customers not only happy but converting them into raving fans.

FBC Asia Pacific, stands for Faster, Better, Cheaper. We are a Customer Experience Specialists helping companies transform to support the future generations using Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots.

Siva Subramaniam has 35+ years in the Customer Experience Industry and has led major companies like United and American Airlines, American Express, Samsung, UPS, Comcast to achieve their CX Goals.

Connect with Siva on LinkedIn.