E16: Artpreneurship. Turn Your Passion to Profit

Join us as we explore the inspiring journey behind Monument Hobbies. Founded in 2016, our guest shares his story of turning a lifelong passion for creativity into a thriving business. Starting as a child with a love for LEGOs and drawing, he pursued computer science and engineering but never let go of his artistic side.

Discover how Jason Craze's diverse experiences—from being a creative genius to taking up engineering, and product development—shaped his entrepreneurial path. Our guest reflects on the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, sharing insights on the necessity of continuous learning, the role of mentors, and the importance of self-reflection. He candidly discusses the struggles of maintaining creative passion while managing a business and the critical moments of self-doubt and resilience that shaped his path.

Hear about the pivotal moment that led to the creation of Monument Hobbies and how he turned his creative passion into a successful venture. This episode offers valuable insights and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives looking to blend their passions with business.

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